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Case Results

  • Traffic Collision; Auto versus Auto; Four Way Stop SIgn; Squad Car Surveillance; Underinsured Motorist, Policy Limit Settlement

    Two occupants of a mid-sized sedan are struck broadside by a large pickup truck in a four way intersection regulated by stop signs, sustaining significant neck and back injuries requiring courses of medical treatments consisting of: pain medication, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and e... Read On

  • Unattended Auto versus pedestrian - Negligent failure to set parking brake

    A Laguna Beach resident parks in the parking lot of a large retailer in Aliso Viejo, California and exits her vehicle. Another patron parks a vehicle, exits and walks into the store; this vehicle then starts a roll across the sloped parking lot, gaining speed, running down and on top of the resid... Read On

  • Hospital Fall Risk Management

    An inpatient with physician "full fall risk" orders is allowed by hospital staff to ambulate without assistance. The patient falls and fractures her prosthetic knee, requiring its emergency surgical replacement, rendering her permanently disabled. Mr. McMahon is reta... Read On

  • Construction Defect; Fraudulent Failure to Disclose Conditions of Real Property; Title Insurance Company Claim

    The recent buyer of a Santa Ana Heights hillside multi-level view home retained Robert McMahon for representation related to his purchase of the property. The home was built by construction contractors as a "spec house."  Entry to the home was gained from the top level and retaining walls had bee... Read On

  • Conditional Use Permit- Laguna Beach Business

    Business owners seeking to open a business in Laguna Beach were contacted by a City of Laguna Beach Code Enforcement Officer informing them that the current operation of their business did not conform to City zoning ordinances; further they were in violation of certain conditions set forth in a C... Read On

  • Contractor Defense - Condominium Project

    Litigation was initiated by a property developer constructing a multiple-unit condominium project in Laguna Beach. Numerous design deficiencies were called to the developer's attention by the general contractor, delaying the project and requiring the processing of plan corrections and revisions t... Read On

  • Drainage Dispute - Laguna Canyon

    After record rainstorms and flooding in Laguna Canyon, two allied upstream real property owners asserted claims against an elderly downstream property owner of a large parcel of land straddling a drainage course, asserting that the drainage through the lower property was not adequate. The downstr... Read On

  • DUI - Defense Jury Verdict

    In the early morning hours defendant is contacted by law enforcement, seated alone on the curb at the scene of a single car, non-injury collision. Defendant is observed by law enforcement to be intoxicated; he is arrested and taken into custody. Charges are filed against the Defendant for Driving... Read On

  • Title, Land Use and Zoning Dispute - New Homeowner vs. Homeowner's Association & Title Insurance Carrier

    After its purchase, a family seeking to extensively remodel a home in a coastal South Orange County neighborhood is informed by their homeowner's association ("HOA") that title to a large landscaped portion of their real property is owned and controlled by the HOA. The family's whitewater view is... Read On

  • View Dispute - Vegetation and Trees

    Hedged vegetation and trees result in a significant loss of ocean view to a homeowner whose view is blocked by an adjoining neighbor. After retaining Robert McMahon, a view claim is initiated with the City of Laguna Beach. At the hearing, the landscape plans for the view-blocking property and pho... Read On

  • Personal Injury - Passenger injured by intoxicated driver

    A young passenger seated in a stopped vehicle is injured by an intoxicated driver of another vehicle, resulting in neck and back injuries; disrupting school studies and participation in school sports. After a course of medical care, the passenger's claim is resolved with the intoxicated driver's ... Read On

  • Criminal Defense - Domestic Violence

    Husband is taken into custody on felony bail $50,000.00 bail after a domestic argument. Information gained through investigation is provided to the district attorney and no criminal case is filed. Husband is referred to family law counsel associated into the case to assist with husband's represen... Read On

  • Criminal Defense - Domestic Violence

    A married couple involved in a public physical altercation, drawing the attention of law enforcement. Husband is arrested on felony charges, bail in the sum of $50,000.00 is set and a stay-away ordered imposed. Information provided to the district attorney results in the reduction of charges to a... Read On

  • Slip and Fall on Retail Property

    A customer exiting an auto part store slips and falls on oil spilled by a prior customer while servicing a vehicle in front of the establishment, sustaining significant neck and back injuries. Pouring fluids into vehicles was a known occurrence on the establishment's business premises. A settleme... Read On

  • Fatality - Single Vehicle Rollover

    Two college students were driving from Colorado to Southern California in a SUV. The driver became drowsy, left the road and the vehicle rolled multiple times across the desert. The belted driver survived the accident. The female passenger, although wearing a safety belt, had reclined her seat, s... Read On

  • Auto vs. Pedestrian

    A part time legal assistant in her mid sixties was run down in a crosswalk, sustaining a fractured wrist and a significant head injury. The distracted at-fault driver's license was suspended and she lacked automobile liability insurance.  It was determined that the injured pedestrian was covered ... Read On

  • Fall in Retail Center - Fractured Elbow requiring prosthetic replacement

    A recent college graduate, newly certified as a yoga instructor sustained a fall in a retail shopping center while walking through an established pathway, fracturing her elbow. Emergency surgery was performed, with results that were poor. Months later, a prosthetic elbow replacement was performed... Read On

  • Fall in Stadium - Subdural Hematoma

    A pleasant elderly lady enjoying a concert at a regional stadium tripped and fell, striking her head, requiring immediate hospitalization for a blow to her head and resulting in a subdural hematoma within her cranium. Gross medical bills neared $150,000.00.  The owner of the facility contested fa... Read On

  • Industrial Accident - Steel Bridge Column Collapse

    Two iron workers were at the top of a 70 foot reinforcement bar bridge column. The column was not properly anchored and management directed that the crane used to place the column could be detached. The resulting injuries to each of the workers were serious. Mr. McMahon successfully achieved a se... Read On

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