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Personal Injury Attorney in Laguna Beach, California

Robert McMahon has over 37 years of practice experience handling serious personal injury cases. He has dedicated his career to assisting individuals as they seek fair compensation for their past and future pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost earnings.

A personal injury case is often viable if the injury was caused through the fault or negligence of another. Attorney fees are on a contingent basis, with a percentage of the gross settlement being paid by the at-fault party and/or that party’s liability insurance carrier.

The instrument of a personal injury can be caused in a variety of ways, whether a high-impact automobile collision, a fall from a defectively constructed or ill-maintained walking surface, or from work-related circumstances, such as a fall from scaffolding or a bridge under construction.

Mr. McMahon is involved in the investigation of the injury, the gathering of medical records and billing and wage documentation. The long-term impact of a permanent injury is analyzed. Early efforts are made to informally resolve cases for fair compensation. Often, clients encounter resistance during early settlement demands. In these cases, the filing of a lawsuit is necessary in order to seek the Court’s assistance to resolve a dispute. Mediation is often successful in resolving a case. Mr. McMahon has also helped clients recover fair compensation through successful jury trials.